Turkey Hunt 2016-A Close Second

This year’s opening morning of the spring turkey hunt may not have lived up to the excitement of last year’s, however, it was yet again a memorable experience. Once again I set up in a natural ground blind I had constructed earlier in the year in preparation for my turkey hunt. This was an area that I had scouted turkeys in prior to constructing the blind. It also happened to be an area where I have harvested turkeys in the previous years.

The opening morning was an early awakening and I was accompanied by my girlfriend Dayle. We were both eager to get out and were looking forward to an exciting morning. Arriving to the blind at perfect time we were able to set up our decoys and get comfortable, not yet grateful for the absence of blackflies and mosquitoes this early in the season. I always enjoy being outdoors and watch how the different animals of the forest come alive with the rising sun.

On this particular morning the bush seemed oddly quiet and in the back of my mind I was still slightly worried about the timing of the season as I wasn’t completely convinced that the odd winter and spring weather hadn’t altered the turkeys’ behaviour. The sun began to rise and it had become quite bright looking across the field where we were situated, I had started to get anxious and fidgety as I had not yet heard the beautiful exciting sound of a male turkey sounding off in the area. I had just started to doubt my choice in our opening morning location and had begun to consider a move to try and find the location of a gobbling turkey. In those questioning moments we finally heard the sound we had been waiting to hear. There was not one, but two different gobbles nearby. The sound off came from the bottom of hill from our location a little over a hundred yards away. The excitement began to set in.

The enjoyment of the hunt began and I started to create the sounds of a hen with my mouth call, trying to lure the unsuspecting turkeys in closer to our location. The clucks and purrs worked immediately and within minutes four jake turkeys were within sight and making their way towards us. Trying to not lose the attention of the birds, yet at the same time trying not to overcall became the task at hand. The birds made a steady path towards our decoys with only a few short stops to display a show of dominance between each other.

Having discussed our ideal locations and distances for preferred kill shots, Dayle and I were quickly able to whisper our final plan for the approaching birds. Being slightly more prepared this year, we were both armed with our own shotguns and ready to harvest our own birds. The plan was for Dayle to take the first shot and I would follow quickly with my own once the birds were within range. The plan came together perfectly as the four jakes came right in to our decoys where the bigger of the birds fanned out and put forth a display. Dayle took the biggest of the birds with her first shot and moments later I was able to down another before the birds could react to the situation.

Although not quite the same experience as last year’s, the two of us were overwhelmed with excitement and being able to share another hunting experience together was quite amazing. It was another awesome opening morning which was the only beginning of the experiences we would have throughout the remainder of the season.

#turkey #hunting #gobbler #outdoors

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