Closing Thoughts of The 2016 Turkey Season

With the spring turkey hunt drawing to a close its time to recap the excitement and experiences from the last month. The spring season was just over a month long which allowed for many opportunities to get out and experience the highs and lows of the turkey hunt. In that month many changes were seen, the greening and growing of trees and crops, the coming of the blackflies and mosquitoes, dressing in long johns and toques to eventually the lightest clothing possible and of course the ever earlier alarm clock sound offs. As the season drew on, the difficulty of bringing the birds within range increased dramatically as they became more and more wary. I will admit that in the later part of the season I had scouted a large Tom that became my target bird to fill my remaining tag, however I was unable to persuade this particular bird to come within range. Although slightly disappointed that I was unable to harvest that particular bird I can`t help but be quite proud of the events and experiences from this past season. Looking back I kick myself for letting a few birds pass that I had within range however I always hate the idea of ending my season early by tagging out. The thought of no longer being able to get out and hunt while the season is open always remains in the back of my head. I`ve come to learn that that is just part of who I am. For me, it is more about getting out and enjoying the experiences than anything.

Once again I had an amazing opening morning hunt with my girlfriend. We were able to create another great memory together which is something we will share for a very long time to come. Being present as she was able to down her second bird of the season a few weeks later was also very exciting. I was also able to get my dad out for a few morning hunts which resulted in some excitement. It is always a good bonding experience for us and I enjoy getting out with the man who has created and molded this love and passion for the outdoors in me. As well I had a good friend visit for a weekend getaway of his own in attempts to down a bird. Although working with a time constraint and some very unpredictable weather, he was able to down a very nice bird on his last morning hunt. I very much enjoy being a part of these hunts and experiences with so many people. Seeing the excitement in other people immediately after a successful hunt is just as thrilling for me. I always look forward to hearing the sound of a companion’s shotgun breaking the stillness of the air while out chasing some thunder chickens. There`s nothing like being a part of someone else`s hunt and experiencing all of the highs and lows together. It seems to make memories that much better. With the season ending I can say I`m sad to see it finish so soon. I find the spring turkey hunt quite enjoyable as it is a hunt with so much interaction with the targeted prey. This is a different type of hunt. Many good experiences are had and sunrises are watched as the bush comes alive every morning, while we wait for the thrilling sound of a gobbler, hollering from the treetops. I look forward to similar experiences next spring, until then it is just a waiting game until the next season opens.

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