Catching the Bass

Another summer weekend came and went. I was able to get out and for a good fishing trip at a local lake. The weather was gorgeous, quite warm with sun and clear skies.

I've recently purchased a canoe and am quite enjoying getting out on the little lakes and rivers. I find it is a great way to get outside. It's actually a very easy and efficient way to get out on the water. Very little time is needed, not only for packing up but also just getting out on the water. Launching is quite simple and packing a light lunch makes it easy to spend a good day on the water.

This particular adventure would mark my first solo fishing trip so I was quite excited to get out and use the tips and tricks I've recently learned. I've come to know that with almost everything, the best way to learn is to get out and try it yourself. Needless to say I was looking forward to finally being out on my own and seeing what I could accomplish.

The canoe makes it easy to get right into the good little fishing corners of the lakes. I find it really easy to get myself positioned and stationary for periods of time so I can enjoy the fishing time without constantly worrying about drifting away or in the wrong direction. It is then easy to relocate and try the next promising piece of water to fish.

This particular lake I was fishing was abundant with bass and they were quite eager to take after my lures. Obviously this made for a good day as more action makes for a very enjoyable time. I was able to reel in quite a few respectably sized fish. In my opinion it was quite a successful day on the water and I look forward to getting out again. I was not at all expecting to have the success that I did throughout the day so I was definitely smiling all day long.

This lake was a little more familiar to me so in the coming weekends I plan on exploring other nearby lakes and trying my luck there. I now have unintentionally gained higher expectations for myself, which I know with my luck, shouldn’t last very long. Having the action I did on my first time out was definitely a turn of good luck so I know it won’t be long before reality comes back and knocks on my door. Getting out and into the serenity of nature is all I really look forward to and I am glad I am pursuing this new hobby during my summer days.

#bass #canoe #water #lake #fishing

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