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As the calendar flips into September, with it comes the opening days of many seasons, including black bear and waterfowl. As we edge closer to these opening days my focus shifts to the fall hunts and drifts away from summer fishing. This summer was filled with many lessons and learning experiences, I now have another hobby to participate in during my usual off-season. Although I haven't completely packed away the fishing gear, I know that once September comes, fishing will definitely be on the back burner. I will be out living my passion of hunting that I have waited for all year.

I wanted to quickly look back on my new fishing experiences from this summer. It all started with being asked to venture out for an afternoon on the water with some close friends. This of course involved casting some lines into the water. After seeing immediate results I was definitely hooked by the sport for the remainder of the season. Soon after I purchased a canoe with my girlfriend and we made it a priority to find some beautiful and remote lakes and rivers for some weekend and evening getaways. Experimenting with different types of lures and methods was also exciting. My instant favourite was using top water baits and watching the bass absolutely hammer them. I thoroughly enjoyed capturing some video footage of the bass breaking water to nail the top water lure.

Towards the end of the season I tried for some pike as well. It was exciting to feel the fight of a different fish and learning how to properly handle the different species was also an opportunity for learning. Once I began catching larger fish I started to keep the odd one. With the helpful advice of friends and family, as well as a few videos online, I learned how to clean and fillet the fish. Although the first fish cleanings were a bit rough I quickly caught on to the different methods for each fish and am definitely impressed at how quickly a fish can be cleaned up and ready for meal prep. Trying different recipes and ways of cooking the fish was also fun and delicious. A meal of fish tastes that much better knowing you caught them yourself. This new hobby of mine has taken me down a road of new experiences this summer. I am very glad I've learned a few secrets to the sport and I very much look forward to continuing to fish regularly in the summer months.

As I mentioned earlier there may not be many more days this year that I get out on the water, but I definitely am looking forward to my future fishing expeditions.

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