Early Season Geese

Early season of the goose hunt has not disappointed. The first couple of mornings out were quiet and slow but after some further scouting birds really started to hit the dirt. On my first couple mornings and evenings out I once again immediately remembered why I love this time of year so much. The early mornings and gorgeous sunrises are enough to get me out of bed every time regardless of how successful the hunts may or may not be.

The first morning of shooting came only days into the season when I ventured out for a quick solo hunt. I was not able to get access to the property where birds were headed to feed however I was granted permission to hunt an adjacent field. Being a little further than I would have liked from where the birds were going didn't stop me from convincing a few geese to head my way and check out my decoy spread. Although I was only able to call in two small groups of geese, I was able to take advantage and made my shots count. I ended up being one bird shy of my limit on that day. It felt great to get out and even better when the birds were falling.

I ventured out on a few groups hunts as well, which although were very enjoyable, were not as successful having only a few honkers to take home. It was great to get out and I was able to make a few new friends on my outings. Meeting others who enjoy the sport and experiencing the hunts with them is always a great time to gain knowledge from other experienced hunters or share some to the new up and comers. There is always learning to be done and much can be learned simply through sharing hunting stories and experiences.

All in all goose season in the valley has definitely had a great start. The excitement of this type of hunt is unlike any other and I already understand why I look forward to this season every year. Being able to watch the world come alive after setting up a decoy spread in the dark and watching the sun rise is really one of my favourite things about this time of year. Sharing these experiences with friends and family is what I look forward to every time I have the chance to get out for a hunt. Sometimes hunting isn’t about the excitement of the stalk or the kill, but simply just getting out and experiencing what occurs in nature each day. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, it may not be just about the sport but the magnificence within it that drives us.

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