Gone Hunting!

Early November brings with it the highly anticipated rifle hunt for whitetail deer in the Ottawa Valley. Being a very rural community, this time of year has a noticeable effect on the local economy. A long running joke is that the towns “shut down” because the larger part of the population has gone hunting. Seriously enough the two week period of the rifle season is most definitely responsible for the vast majority of vacation days used by many locals. People pack up and head to camps, hauling fourwheelers and supplies to last them for days in the wilderness.

I am definitely one of the many who wait in excitement for the opening morning of rifle season. This time of year I am temporarily putting away the waterfowling gear and replacing it with my rifle and blaze orange. There is nothing like walking into the bush on opening morning and taking a seat in the treestand. I do take a few days holidays during the two week period of rifle season, however, each year I look back and wish I had taken more. Waking up and heading to watch the sunrise and sunset from the stand is something I definitely miss once the season is over.

Although the majority of my hunting is done sitting in stands or blinds, I am usually quite fortunate to see and watch deer frequently.This takes away a lot of pressure and allows me to pick the shots that I want to take. It allows me the opportunity to pass on deer but also gives me the chance to observe their behaviour and learn how the animals interact with each other and with nature.

I am looking forward to getting together with friends and family over the two week period and getting out for a few hunts. As exciting as it is to get shooting it is always thrilling to hear the sound of a discharging firearm coming from the direction of someone you are hunting with.

Good luck to all fellow hunters this year and I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable hunting experience!

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