The 2016 Muzzle loader season is in the books and once again it did not disappoint. I have found that the timing of the muzzle loader season always seemed to have the deer settled down and back into more regular routines. I find the deer behaviour a little more predictable and routines are easier to pattern. This year’s season brought with it many deer sightings and it became a regular occurrence to spot deer on every outing.

I was able to set up in a treestand in a high traffic area. Thanks to the help of trail cameras I was aware of a few different bucks that were passing through and one of those was a monster. He was an older buck but he had a very beautifully developed rack with a unique “crab-clawed” crown tines. He became my target.

I was fortunate enough to have deer sightings on most of my outings. A regular passerby was a small six-point buck and although it is always exciting to have horns in the scope, I honestly believe having the opportunities to pass on deer truly gives a different appreciation to the hunter. The experience of having deer close by and simply watching them is quite blissful to me. I love being witness to the animals in their natural state, and being able to observe their behaviour as individuals as well as in groups is always quite interesting.

My target buck did not make any daylight appearances for me but on the last evening hunt of the season I heard the sound of a shot being fired by a fellow hunter on the property. I would later find out that it was in fact the monster I was after. Although maybe a bit saddened that I didn’t get a chance to have him in my sights it was also quiet exciting that a fellow hunter was able to close the deal. I can only imagine the excitement and thrill of watching that majestic animal walk out and of course seeing him fall.

I look forward to next year’s muzzle loader season but for now I will switch back to bow hunting to close out this year’s deer hunt. With the colder temperatures and plenty of snow in the forecast it looks like nothing but cold and chilly sits, but I’ll put up with it. The love of the sport and the experiences drive me to get out every chance I get no matter the conditions. The 2016 season is rapidly coming to a close so each time I venture out I know it is one the final outings for the year.

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