Legendary Experiences of 2016

As we turn the page on 2016 and begin to move our attention to the new year, I’d like to stop for a moment and look back at all the exciting memories from my 2016 season.

My outdoor adventures really kicked off with the spring turkey hunt. Opening morning was another exciting and eventful venture with my girlfriend Dayle. We were able to wrap up an opening morning double, side by side, for the second consecutive year. Truly an amazing and memorable morning to share with someone.

Once the summer months were upon us, getting outdoors included going out on the lakes and tossing some lines in the water. It certainly was a time of learning for me, exploring different lakes and rivers, experimenting with different baits and lures as well as trying different strategies while fishing. The majority of our outings were so eventful and exciting to me mainly because it was all new and a new lesson was learned on each trip. I am definitely anxious to get out on the water again this coming summer.

The summer quickly blended into fall bringing with it my favourite time of year. My season of goose hunting had a little slower start than I had expected however it wasn’t long before the action was non-stop. The camaraderie associated with waterfowling makes for such interesting, fun and enjoyable hunts. I was fortunate to have many outings with different family members and friends. Capturing my hunts on camera and being able to review and show off my videos to friends and family is also an enjoyable pastime of mine and 2016 granted me quite a compilation of exciting hunts.

November brought with it the famous whitetail deer hunt in the Ottawa Valley. I was fortunate enough to harvest a buck this rifle season, once again making more deer hunting memories with my father.

Through the remainder of November and December I was dedicated to sitting in a treestand patiently waiting on a monster buck to walk past. Although this desired scenario never did play out for me this year I was still able to witness and experience many incredible moments in nature. Simply being outside brings with it such peacefulness and serenity for me. It definitely is a reminder that hunting isn’t always about the hunt all the time.

My most memorable moment from 2016 was definitely shooting my first banded goose. Even just thinking about it now instantly brings a smile to my face. I still remember that morning with such detail, the warm temperature, beautiful sunrise, the whistling wings and most of all the pure emotion when turning the bird over and seeing the band. I remember jumping up like a fool and yelling at my dad, running back and celebrating, not caring about the next incoming flock of geese. That memory will stay with me for a very long time. Words cannot explain the emotion and excitement I experienced in that moment and even now just thinking about it. It most definitely is my favorite memory from 2016 and that sets the bar very high for 2017.I couldn’t ask for better memories from all the different seasons in 2016.

I am most definitely very fortunate not only to experience what I have in the last year, but also to have the friends and family by my side, with me and supporting me through it all.I am very excited to see what 2017 has in store for Legend Outdoors. Be sure to follow my adventures on Facebook, Instagram and of course right here on the website. Happy New Year and good luck on all your adventures as well!

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